Skinny jeans for men. A hot topical debate that has caused arguments in sports clubs, pubs and houses up and down the country. Yes skinny jeans have brought us some wonderful lingo and at times humorous language. The die hard skinny jean wearer is now a weathered recipient of regular shouts of “ hey will ya ever put on a pair of socks” or “are them jeans belonging to your missus”. But they power on safe in the comfort ( we presume they are comfortable) that they are looking the part with a well fitted pair of skinny jeans. But is the trend coming to an end??? Could we be entering a period of such uncertainty regarding how a man is wearing his jeans that we felt the need to write this blog and throw out the pros and cons of wearing this garment….. Relax we're just making observations…. Read on if you like.

To cut a long story short…..YES!!! They are still in fashion and if anything contrary to belief, may just be getting stronger. Yes it is fair to say that we are seeing an increased trend of men wearing straight fit jeans and leaning away from the skinny jeans but to suggest the “skinnies” are out of fashion is crazy talk. There are of course the most resilient of men who shouted from the rooftops “not a chance would I wear a pair of those, they're like leggings”. But one by one as they said they would “try them on for the craic” suddenly they found a sudden sense of comfort in the stretchy material circulating around their waste. 

As we echo the message in each of our blogs that fashion swings in roundabouts there are some trends that simply last the whole trip and skinny jeans is one of them. The younger males will almost certainly go for the skinny jean look and this can last to their 30s and in some cases beyond. 

So to conclude, get used to seeing plenty more ankles on show in the future folks, the skinny jeans are here to stay.

Thanks for reading 

Team EJ`s