Buying a good standard of coat or jacket in today's market is not a decision to be taken lightly. The consumer will be parting with a hefty chunk of cash and therefore it is important for all retailers to educate the consumer on their product capabilities. The mission of this blog was to seek out to answer the question of is a Barbour wax jacket worth the money? 

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Are Barbour Wax Jackets Warm?

One of the biggest factors when determining the answers to the above question is breaking down the product capabilities. Our Irish weather dictates that more than likely bar 3-4 weeks of the year there is always a necessity for a warm jacket! So does a Barbour wax jacket tick this box? The answer on this is a categorical YES! The weight of the Barbour Wax jacket alone has the ability to keep the body warm. Add in the quilted material beneath the wax and you have got yourself one very warm jacket to test the Irish winter… or Summer!!Barbour International Logo

Are Barbour Wax Jackets Waterproof?

Another resounding yes on this one from us. The Barbour jacket was once upon a time a garment that was singled out to be the go-to item of clothing in the world of hunting and outdoor activity. One of the major reasons for the rise of the product in those circles was due to the fact that it provided warmth and dryness when outdoors for a long period of time. The waxed cotton shell provides a water repellant formula that not only looks unique in itself as a style but provides all the attributes necessary to combat the conditions outdoors. 

So the next time the thought enters your head that you are in the market for a new coat to tick all the boxes, we would advise that you strongly consider looking into a Barbour wax jacket. A waterproof warm garment that not only will keep you protected from the elements but a jacket that will keep you looking sharp and smart as well.

Would you consider a Barbour wax jacket good value for money or are you considering the purchase?

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