Some men know exactly what they want, while others are unsure. And then there’s the guy who says he doesn’t want anything. Either way choosing Christmas gifts for men appears to be a bit of a challenge. We’ve even seen some interesting quizzes online to help women determine the best gift for the man in their lives. There’s some fun quizzes out there but the results aren’t exactly guaranteed wins. So let EJ himself set you on the right path.

We’ve got more than an idea or two up our stylish sleeves. From tie pins to hi tech wallets, we’ve something to suit all styles and ages. Accessories are the key to a man’s heart. “We’re talking everything from belts and ties that have become big sellers for us. “It’s not surprising really when you consider that these items complete an outfit,” says Eamonn. “And don’t forget it’s all also available on our fantastic new website with guaranteed next day delivery!”

1. First up, vouchers.

Ok, it used to be the emergency option for last-minute gift givers. That’s all changed – some fellas just want to pick the gift themselves. That’s why you can pick up an EJ Menswear voucher. The gift that never expires – unless of course you use it! That’s we even add 5pc annual interest – better than you’d get from a bank!

2Socks, yes, socks. The old reliable

Socks are always popular gifts,” says Eamonn. “But at EJ’s we don’t sell any old socks. We sell socks your loved one would be Happy to receive.” Christmas socks are not what they used to be. Instead of choosing Granddad’s Argyle, EJ’s has a whole variety of stylish socks including infamous Happy Socks and Tommy Hilfiger socks that come in a Christmas themed tin can.

3. Bag it and tag it

“For stylish men the bag is becoming more important and visible. On the topic of total, drop-dead style, Eamonn says: “the Ted Baker leather bags are a popular choice if you’re looking to impress.”

4‘Time there bud?’

Time keeping has never looked so cool. The biggest seller of the year is pocket watches. “The legendary Conor McGregor brought three-piece suits back to life,” explains Eamonn, “and that also revived the pocket watch. It’s the perfect gift for a man who likes to look impeccably stylish.”

5Pin that tie

The world of fashion can be a fickle place. What’s cool today might make your kids laugh tomorrow, but one things for sure, classic items will always make a comeback. Tie pins are the latest hot item to reappear on the scene and as Eamonn says, “they add a nice bit of bling to your outfit.”

6. Tie that pin

What use is a pin without a tie? Ties are always a good option and like women with their shoes, men can never have enough ties.  “There’s so much variety when it comes to ties,” says Eamonn. “We have hundreds of colours in plain, floral and other designs. And we have tie and hanky sets as well, which really adds a burst of colour to a plain suit.” 

7. Where’s me Whalley?

That’s wallet to you and me. Secrid Wallet’s have become a big seller internationally. These hi-tech wallets have a built in ultra-thin aluminium card protector and are what Eamonn describes as “fraud busters.” Functional and fashionable, these are well designed with a selection of leather colours to choose from.