For all us males around the world there are debates that will go on until eternally. Messi or Ronaldo, Heineken or Guinness, pizza or pasta ……. But reach out to a male who has an interest in fashion and ask them one thing…. Spring Summer or Autumn Winter ???? Every man has a preference and a valid reason as to why. Mr Spring Summer menswear may say he likes the splash of colour with the increased availability of two tones and colour blocks. On the flip side, Mr Autumn Winter Menswear prefers the heavier texture of the seasons clothing with more neutral colours probably more suitable for all year round wear. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong, it's purely a personal preference. So, as we approach the transition from SS20 to AW20 we look at the key 5 pieces that every man must have in his wardrobe for the perfect look in autumn-winter menswear.


There is no question that one of the most important parts of the perfect look for autumn-winter menswear is a well-kept yet well-worn pair of men’s boots. I say well-worn because I believe that for a men’s boot to look authentic it needs some wear. It just shows up better than a pair fresh out of the box. A pair of boots should be able to tell a story and look like it's lived and is all the better for it. And I say well-kept because apart from perhaps creases in clothing nothing is worse than poorly maintained footwear.

Personally, I think the classic Chelsea boot is the most everlasting boot on the market. Either leather or suede a black, brown, or navy Chelsea boot can complement a sharp outfit effectively. Just remember to select your boot parallel to your style of jeans. A Chelsea boot will sit best with a slim jean. If it's super skinny jeans you're looking to wear, then perhaps a slimmer laced boot would look better.

Men’s Knitwear

Perhaps the most essential addition to the wardrobe for autumn-winter is knitwear. Contrary to the perception, not all men’s knitwear is designed for grandads. And if other articles are anything to go by there is certainly a feeling that the younger male is now dressing older than ever, particularly when it comes to knitwear for men. We have seen the half zip revolution over the last few seasons and this falls into that category. As recent articles have shown that the half zip is perfect for all occasions and is a must-have in any man's wardrobe for autumn-winter.

The simple crew knit is another must-have essential for men this autumn-winter. Most brands worth their salt will have a version of this piece and it is a simple yet classy solution to outfit stress for men this autumn-winter. Some like a plain t-shirt underneath or others a crisp white shirt. And let us not forget about those hardcore knit wearers who can wear it direct on skin. But those guys are not human so let us skip on!!!!

The last few autumn-winter seasons have steadily seen a resurgence of the turtleneck jumper. They have become particularly popular with a tailored trouser and it has been a strong look for the fashion-conscious man. Another reason for the surge in turtlenecks is its ability to dress down a blazer and jeans or chino look. Ideal for smart-casual events like a dinner or even the races.

Cable knit jumpers

Nothing shouts Autumn Winter quite like cable knit jumpers. Even the mention of them has me envisioning cosy pubs and pints of Guinness. A popular option that provides style and warmth for the festive nights out. Perfect with a slim jean and the aforementioned boots, the cable knit jumper has been around and stood the test of time and doesn't look to be heading anywhere anytime soon. Besides the fit of the cable knit jumper, what defines the individual product is the weight. Some like a lightweight cable whereas others opt for the heavier more dense version. Again it's totally personal preference. The cable knit jumper is again a product which is covered vastly by many brands and off the top of my head I can name Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Lyle & Scott, Farah, Ted Smith and Walker & Hunt all of whom produce this garment year after year.

Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

The long sleeve polo shirt which can be related to the previous section on knitwear is now one of the biggest selling styles in autumn-winter Menswear. Again, versatility is a factor in its popularity as it can be worn for a mix of business and pleasure. Sitting comfortably above jeans or chinos it has been a popular choice for wearing under a smart blazer for a mix and matches the smart-casual outfit. Several brands are doing it and doing it well with the likes of Ted Baker and Remus Uomo leading the way.

The Scarf

Right!!!! Before we even get our teeth into this section lets dismiss a thing I like to call “ Scarf Stigma”. We have all heard or experienced at some stage in our lives and it's simply baffling. Seen as a garment that comes across as pretentious or arrogant the scarf is truly a simple yet effective way of keeping warm. That and the fact it can really smarten up an outfit. Strange however that nobody who is seen wearing a football scarf (like my Sligo Rovers one) from the likes of Man Utd, Liverpool or Celtic are subjected to this scandalous scarf abuse. It's also a relatively cheap product to obtain.

My favourite use of the scarf is when it neatly resides under an overcoat with a nice pair of jeans and a winter boot. Now that is a look all men should be aspiring for autumn-winter.

So, lads, we hope that we in some way we helped the transition from Sun to Snow for 2020. God knows we have enough to be worrying about this year… Over and out Team EJs