One of the most popular choices of garment in menswear for each Spring/Summer season is undoubtedly the polo shirt. And there are very few if any who do it better than the iconic Ralph Lauren. Each season they produce the piece in seasonal and core colours and it's difficult to know if there is a product in menswear that has stood the test of time the way the Ralph Lauren men's polo shirt has done.

But why has the Ralph Lauren polo shirt been so successful?? Is the jersey fabric which by the weave alone is recognisable to even the most novice of fashionistas??? Is it the undoubtable quality that the polo shirt contains which means that although some people question its price initially, when they are still wearing the garment in a decades time that the price is justified and then some??? Is it the well publicised relationship with the sport of polo which for most is recognised as a sport of the upper classes?? Yes it is surely a pinch of all of the above, but there's more to it…. A lot more!!!

There is an underlying factor that isn't always shouted about but is more of a personal thought.

It's the aura or projection of success that comes from the top down with the brand, as founder Ralph Lauren is seen as one of the trendiest and forward thinking men of his generation, not to mention successful. This funnels right down to the customer. Ask any man who has gone into a fitting room and walks out sporting a fresh nicely fitted Ralph Lauren polo shirt. I can guarantee you he grows a few feet when he wears what he feels like is a garment that shows all who see him that he means business. It is that alongside all the other contributing factors has made the polo shirt by Ralph Lauren one of the most iconic products to ever exist in menswear.

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Team EJ`s