So… Valentine's Day…. To say it divides opinion is a fair understatement. I mean you're just out of Christmas where you've probably spent a holy fortune and suddenly the talk of summer plans are on the horizon (well most years that there isn't a pandemic at least ) and you're planning your budget.  A budget that lets call a spade a spade probably wouldn't include a day thrown in the middle of February where you're showcasing your love for your partner by showering them with gifts. I mean we do that for the other 364 days of the year anyway isn't that right???

But what do us men really want for Valentines day?? What is the ideal gift?? 

A watch?? No because apparently that puts time on a relationship. 

I have it. A fitness watch!! Wait, you think I need to exercise more? Can't win…

So many ideas can actually be misinterpreted so this is why the usual suspects are always top of the list. Classics are classics for a reason. It's not a fluke. 

The holy grail of mens mens aftershave usually comes up trumps (not Donald) with a little sideshow being offered by a pack of underwear. Recent years have seen a significant surge in the popularity of SECRID wallets as there is an increased vulnerability surrounding fraud and “card skimming” and the Secrid wallet is a compact financial safety net right there in your pocket. 

Whatever the gift, after all it's the thought that counts right?? Wrong!!!!!

What's your opinion on Valentine's Day? Is it a non necessary day or is it a positive day to showcase some love???

We would love to hear your opinions both male and female. 

Let us know,

We look forward to hearing from you, thanks for reading.

Team EJ`s