Men's Calvin Klein Polo Shirts

Calvin Klein Polos are a solid staple in any man's wardrobe. These timeless and versatile pieces can be adapted to fit most outfits. They come in a button-up and zip-up variations. 

Pair with knitwear for a formal or a casual look, depending on your choice – chinos for formal outings or jeans and boots for a casual look. 

Shop Calvin Klein Polos at EJ Menswear for great prices.  

Why do customers love Calvin Klein Polos? 

The Calvin Klein brand has existed for decades. It brings a sense of nostalgia for millennials and early Gen-Zs, giving it something of a resurgence for younger shoppers. 

Calvin Klein polos feature a large logo across the front in various fonts and sizes. Other styles may have smaller monikers featured on the left-hand side of the chest or sleeve. 

Calvin Klein polos are stylish and practical. They are made from 100% organic cotton or mixed fabrics with a hint of stretch. You'll find Calvin Klein Polos in neutral shades with a few brightly coloured pieces as well. 

How much do Calvin Klein polos cost? 

This brand sees polos average between €62-€82. We often have special offers and deals that you should also watch for! 

What sizes do Calvin Klein Polos come in? 

Calvin Klein Polos come in sizes S, XS, M, L, XL & XXL. You'll find a suitable Calvin Klein Polo to suit you, as you’ll see what sizes we have in stock below each product. 

What are the colours of Calvin Klein Polos in stock right now? 

We commonly have the following Calvin Klein Polos in stock: 

Since we update our collection often, you may find other Calvin Klein Polos not listed above in stock. 

Looking for some other Calvin Klein Products? 

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EJ Menswear Gift cards 

If you're buying a Calvin Klein Polo for someone and unsure about their size, why not get an EJ Menswear Gift card? EJ Menswear Gift cards come in €20 to € 1000 vouchers and can be redeemed online or in-store for their favourite Calvin Klein piece. 

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9 Items

  1. Calvin Klein Striped Chest Polo Black
    As low as €85.00
  2. Calvin Klein Smooth Cotton Slim Polo Egr
    As low as €76.50 Regular Price €85.00
  3. Calvin Klein Tipping Polo Lavender Aura
    As low as €79.95
  4. Calvin Klein Tipping Polo Summer Squash
    As low as €79.95
  5. Calvin Klein Slim Cotton Polo In Bright
    As low as €79.95
  6. Calvin Klein Cotton Slim Polo Cadet
    As low as €89.95
  7. Calvin Klein Slim Cotton Polo In Ck Black
    As low as €79.95
  8. Calvin Klein Cotton Slim Polo Dapple Gre
    As low as €71.96 Regular Price €89.95
  9. Calvin Klein Smooth Cotton Welt Zip Polo
    As low as €99.95
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