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The best and most popular clothes, it seems, are the ones that originate from a sporting or military heritage, such as the T shirt, chino trousers and the sweatshirt. Us humans seem to value comfort and practicality above all else. However, this doesn’t mean we’ll settle for plain, dull or purely functional garments. Oh no, we want style, colour, uniqueness and the chance to express ourselves through what we wear. Which is why you’ll love the classic range of sweatshirts from GANT – they look great, feel good and retain their practical functions too.

Sweatshirts were originally made for sportsmen and women. They were grey, utilitarian, kept athletes warm and, as the name suggests, had the ability to absorb sweat. During the 1960s, the realisation came that sweatshirts could provide a great advertising opportunity and so universities in the U.S began printing their names on them. Thus, began the journey of the sweatshirt from locker room to wardrobe staple when increasing number of young people started wearing them for comfort and the ‘cool’ factor.

From graphics and logos to catchphrases and customisation, the sweatshirt became one of the most popular vehicles for self-expression for the designer and the person wearing it. Show off your designer style with a top-quality GANT sweatshirt from EJ Menswear.

Whether you need a quick cover-up for chilly evenings, something to throw on when leaving the gym, a casual top for weekend relaxing or something to wear whilst walking the dog, a sweatshirt is the ideal companion. Available in a wide range of colours, designs and sizes, make GANT your next choice when you need to update the sweatshirts in your wardrobe.

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  1. Gant Original Half Zip Sweat Evening Blu
    As low as €98.96 Regular Price €109.95
  2. Gant Original Half Zip Sweat Kalamata Gr
    As low as €98.96 Regular Price €109.95
  3. Gant Original Half Zip Sweat Grey
    As low as €98.96 Regular Price €109.95
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