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A man on the go needs freedom in his clothing. When action is required, he doesn’t want to be struggling to get a pullover over his head or encumbered by a heavy coat. He needs a sweater with a zip! When the going gets tough, he needs to make that quick decision – on or off. A zippie gives you that freedom. Feeling chilly? Slip it on without messing up your hair. Too hot? Get cool straightaway with no fuss thanks to the zip. It’s time to look stylish in a GANT zippie from EJ Menswear.

Whether you want a full zip or a half-zip, a modern man can have it his way. Where did the story of the zip begin? The magical zip is the mechanical masterpiece that has kept our things ‘together’ in so many ways. It was the culmination of several different inventor’s work, none of whom managed to convince the public that the zip could become an essential part of their everyday lives. It would be the fashion industry that made the zip the essential item it is today. Beginning with Elias Howe, the sewing machine inventor, a patent was lodged in 1851 for a system of ‘automatic, continuous clothing closure’. Four decades later and the inventor Whitcomb Judson created a ‘clasp locker’ and as Howe’s device never got to market, Judson is credited as the inventor of the zip.

However, it was a complicated device when it appeared at the 1893 Chicago World Fair and subsequently met with little success. It would take until 1913 for a zip resembling what we know today to appear thanks to Swedish electrical engineer, Gideon Sundback. Working at the same company set up by Judson to manufacture the ‘clasp lock’, he improved the design and ultimately ended up with a modern zip.

So, if you’re a fan of the ease and convenience of a zip, all your smart casual wardrobe needs can be met by checking out the premium range of GANT zippies available at EJ Menswear.

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