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Designer GUESS T-Shirts For Men

Guess is a luxury retailer of clothing and accessories from the United States, who have been perfecting their fashion craft since 1981. The brand, owned by the two Marciano brothers were the first to make designer jeans for women, before developing a range for men. If you’re looking to update your T-shirt collection, Guess is a great place to start looking. See what Guess T-Shirts are available right now at EJ Menswear.

In terms of clothing, the T-shirt is really man’s best friend. It is easy to wear, goes with anything, comfortable and timeless. We really do take the T-shirt for granted, but have you wondered where it came from?

The tee as we know it today became popular in the Second World War, although its origins date back to the mid-19th century, when long johns had their legs cut off to create a slip-on garment for the upper body.

Like many modern menswear, the T-shirt has a military beginning. It was first worn during the Spanish-American war of 1898 and became a standard kit item in 1913. After the Second World War, veterans carried on wearing their uniform when home and it seems the T-shirt made a real impact on civilians.

It was a big hit on campuses across America and became popular with American football players to prevent chafing underneath jerseys. Blue-collar workers were also attracted to the T-shirt for hard, physical labour. What propelled it into the stratosphere of fame was Marlon Brando’s look in the 1951 film ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’.

The humble tee began to gain a reputation for youthful rebellion further cemented by James Dean in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ in 1956. James Dean memorably wore a white tee tucked into Levi jeans, a look which was iconic then and remains fashionable more than 60 years later. Get your classic Guess T-Shirts form EJ Menswear.

From the Second World War and the 1950s that followed, the T-shirt really came into its own as the go-to garment of choice for comfort, cool and bucking the trend of stuffy formal wear across the world. It is a staple of almost every wardrobe in the world, such is its timeless appeal.

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