Magee Suits

The Finest Quality Men's Suits by Magee

Magee suits lead the way when it comes to luxury fabrics, inspiring colours and designs that have a history of quality craftsmanship dating back to 1866 woven into every suit. You know you are buying into a deep rooted heritage when you purchase a Magee suit.

Handcrafted in Ireland using traditional weaving methods every Magee suit is designed to reflect the distinctive heritage that Magee is known so well for.

Only the finest yarns, linens, lambswool, silk and alpaca are used in creating a Magee suit and the quality shines through in every stitch.

The days of coarse tweed suits are long gone and today Magee suits are made with only the finest luxury yarns to give the wearer a suit that has a beautiful soft handle that is both functional and comfortable and never compromises on style.

While keeping their distinct heritage every Magee suit is made with a contemporary twist that are beautifully tailored.

Every Magee suit has it’s own character, subtle details and with special attention given to each and every one you can be confident in the knowledge that you are getting a piece of history that is made in Ireland.


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