Mens Remus Uomo Grandad Shirts

Men's Stylish Remus Uomo Grandad Shirts

Remus Uomo is the ultimate in Italian chic for the fashion-conscious and discerning gent of the 21 st century.

Whether you want super sharp or smart casual for those off-duty days, in true Italian flair and tailoring, Remus Uomo from EJ Menswear is the one for you.

So, where did the style of the grandad collar come from? Far from being a new trend, the grandad collar has a rich and fascinating past but it’s not one that’s cut and dried. There are a few versions surrounding the origins of this popular shirt.

In 1927, a lady in New York is said to have cut off her husband’s collar so she could wash it separately, hence the detachable collar was born. Detachable collars were used by many professionals, including the wing tip collar worn by legal professionals and city workers. Without the collar, the shirt was simply left with a band collar. This version gives the shirt a rebellious origin, whereby men left the collar off their shirt once they were done working, removed their ties and went ‘collarless’.

Another version of events is that the farm workers and labourers of the 1920s and 30s couldn’t wear a tie for fear of getting it caught in machinery. To get around this, they would cut off collars or buy collarless banded shirts. The grandad shirt was used during both world wars as woollen undershirts for its qualities of breathability and functionality.

During the 1950s, the grandad shirt became a style icon of the Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. In the hot, humid climate of India, the lack of collar provides much relief and the shirts are made in airy fabrics like linen or cotton. The shirt was turned into an iconic garment when it was adopted by the Beatles after their visit to the country.

It’s a shirt with a story or two, that’s for sure and remains a reliable and versatile menswear wardrobe staple. For your casual and smart fashion needs, see the Men’s Remus Uomo grandad shirts on offer through EJ Menswear today.

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