Men’s XV Kings Hoodies

Men's Stylish Hoodies by Tommy Bowe Designs

The Hoodie has become a much loved and widely owned part of most men’s wardrobes. So, if you are going to get one then EJ Menswear has the answer with this fantastic Men’s XV Kings range of Hoodie tops.

Hoodie’s are one of those items of clothing that you can never really have enough of. It feels good to have a wide range of them in the wardrobe to call upon. You can mix them with pretty much any type of casual clothing making them a go to item if you’re ever stuck for what to wear.

Hoodies come in a full variety of types. There is the full hoodie that you just pull on and off or the half zip giving you a bit more room to manoeuvre your head out of if when you’ve got a new hair style you want to protect or the full zip letting you get a bit of air to the body if things warm up a bit. The best thing about the Hoodie is it’s got that practical nature about it but there is also a vibe around the Hoodie that just shouts out cool.

Even better with an XV Kings Hoodie you are not just getting a casual and trendy look but the backup of Irish and British Lions Rugby Union legend Tommy Bowe.

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