XV Kings Shirts

XV Kings Shirts by Tommy Bowe Designs

An Irish Rugby legend, Tommy Bowe, talks of his brand in the following words: "XV Kings has become a massive part of my life. Built on quality, style and craftsmanship, the styles are designed by me, worn by me and hopefully loved by you". We must say, we surely do love it!

Some of the finest collections of XV Kings shirts are presented to you here on ejmenswear.com. With shirts to suit everyone you have a choice of various styles and designs from Tommy Bowe designs. If you're planning on creating a casual type of look, then a checkered XV Kings shirt is the perfect option for you. Available in a number of colours, its a casual and fresh look.

On the other hand, for men that are looking for more classic, elegant or even casual smart style, there's always the option of other XV Kings shirts to suit every occasion. With a range of plain shirts and shirts with patterns, there is a XV Kings shirt to satisfy your needs. Made with quality fabrics for durability and easy care our range of XV Kings shirts are a stylish addition to any mans wardrobe collection.

No matter which XV Kings shirt you choose, they can all be perfectly matched with jeans, chinos and trousers. Just mix and match to create different looks every day.

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