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Step Out in Style - Lyle & Scott Zippy's For Men

If you are looking for a stylish and fashionable sweatshirt then look no further than the Lyle & Scott Zippy. With the design and styling that are well known from the Lyle & Scott brand, as well as their golden eagle logo being embroidered on the front, this would make the perfect addition to any wardrobe collection.

With a round high neck collar and sports style fitting, the zippy pulls together the look of sports and biker wear with the fitting of modern mens tailoring. Zippy’s are perfect for wearing alongside a good pair of trainers and some nicely styled jeans to make a modern, casual look.

Whether you are looking for outerwear or your trip to your favourite sporting match or perhaps for a stroll in the summer evening sun, a zippy has got you covered.

Lyle & Scott Zippy’s were made popular by sports professionals looking for outerwear to cover their sports uniforms and keep them warm before and after a match As is the way with most fashion styles, these soon became popular with the everyday man and designs have been adapted to keep the original design features, whilst making them more appropriate and accessible for the modern man and modern day living.

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